New Notes Swap: Comedian Alibaba gives FG solutions for Naira scarcity


Veteran Nigerian comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, aka Alibaba has suggested a solution for the Central Bank Governor Emefiele and his team amidst Naira scarcity.

According to him, We just like to make things difficult in this Nigeria”.

His post read:

”I still don’t see why there is a shortage of Naira notes.

When the new ones are not available, why couldn’t we print more of the N100 and N50 notes? Let people have that until the new ones become more available.

Or are banks not allowed to give the ones that were not changed. That’s the one that should flood the market and people can begin to change those to the new ones with time.
It’s not like if you buy something for N2000, the seller will reject 20 pieces of the N100 notes.

We just like to make things difficult in this Nigeria”