No side-chick will endure life threatening adventure wives cope with – Peter Fatomilola to Men


Veteran Nollywood Actor and professor, Chief. Peter Fatomilola has called on men to learn how to appreciate their wives and dropped the attitude of expecting wives to be as sexy as their side-chick.

According to the dramatist, the pain, stress and sacrifices wives go through in their respective homes, no side-chick will ever go through any of these adventures for any man.

So husbands should respect their wives.

His post read:

How can your wife be as romantic as your side chick when you have impregnated her 5 times, sent her to labour 5 times,

Antenatal, postnatal and breastfeeding for many years, childcare and upbringing till each baby turns 20,

School runs every morning and evening, kitchen to cook for you and your 5 kids, in the hospital for many days just to look after your kids when they fall ill,

House chores and groceries are still to be taken care of by her. You the husband has caused her many cuts down her “V”, cuts as a result of CS, what about sagged breast and stomach stretch marks you caused her,

Pimples and big nose you caused her during pregnancy, what about vomiting and loss of appetite, you have totally withdrawn your wife from the society because of the African culture and yet you don’t want to value and respect her, yet the only thing you remember is that she is not romantic but your side chick is.

Put that your side chick to this life threatening adventure and see if she can cope. Please dear men, learn to appreciate your wife, life is not all about sex and romance, remember how she was before you married her and remember that you are the cause of her woes.
God bless every hardworking mother and wife


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