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    Reactions As Davido Reveals Plan To Quit Music After Next Album

    Nigerian music sensation, Davido has sparked up reactions following recent plan to quit the music industry after the release of his next album.

    Afrobeats star recently expressed his intentions in a social media post that quickly became a topic of conversation on social media.

    Davido, who has been a pivotal figure in the Nigerian music scene, hinted at his departure from music in a heartfelt post, saying, “Yall niggas really want me out the game that bad?? Oya after next album I no do again. So una fit get peace.”

    The announcement has broken the heart of fans and music enthusiasts who argue that his music transcends critics’ negativity and is cherished by a global audience that appreciates his artistry.

    On social media, the reactions ranged from disappointment to support, reflecting the deep divide over his decision.

    Twitter user @gravityempire28 reacted humorously yet pointedly, suggesting Davido had conceded defeat too soon.

    “Yu dn finally accept defeat ? O03 you for wait make you be 001 first an…,” he wrote.

    @_cantonaE emphasized that Davido’s music should be for his fans, not his detractors. Another fan, @iamhbozz, encouraged the singer to focus on the positive feedback from his substantial fan base rather than the haters.

    Moreover, @mafia3O expressed sympathy for Davido’s struggles within the industry, attributing them to his affluent background and alleged bias against him in the media and the industry at large.

    “But let’s be real, Davido has really gone through a lot in the industry,” he wrote, highlighting the perceived efforts to undermine the singer’s achievements despite his consistent track record of hits.

    Conversely, @abazwhyllzz dramatically stated, “You are not going anywhere oo. If you stop singing then no Nigerian will sing in this country again,” reflecting the sentiments of those who see Davido as an irreplaceable icon in the Nigerian music landscape.

    @DaddyZee02 offered a critical take, suggesting that Davido’s predicament was partly due to not listening enough to his fans, who he believes see things the artist himself might miss.

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