Reasons I left Five Star – Skiibii


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A former Five Star Music artiste , Abbey Elias , aka Skiibii , has explained the factors behind his decision to quit his former record company .

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, he said , “ If you have a girlfriend , it is normal for both of you to fight once in a while . Blood brothers fight each other too . 

I didn ’ t leave Five Star because I wasn ’ t treated well. I just felt it was time for me to do things on my own .

 Now , I don ’ t need anyone ’ s confirmation before I put out new songs .

“ I was not scared leaving Five Star as I had thought over the decision carefully. 

I have always wanted to run my own record company , even before I joined Kcee , but I needed to start from somewhere . 

Five Star Music was like a college for me; I went to school and I graduated. We still talk like we used to ; the only difference is that I am now my own boss . ”

Excited about his first single since exiting Five Star , Skibobo , he said , “ It is the first of many songs that I plan to release this year. 

It was produced by DTunes and it talks about going the extra mile for the person you love . ”

Maintaining that he is satisfied with his growth in the industry , he said , “ I am better than a lot of artistes .

 I am ready to put out more music this year and I am not the Skiibii people used to know . 

I need to show the world what I am capable of .

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 When I was under a label , I couldn ’ t do whatever I wanted but the story is different now . 

I may even decide to release my debut album this year as I am not short of songs. ”


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