Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko’s first son, Emmy clash over his wealth (scary details)


Newly wedded Regina Daniels seem to be facing tough time in her young union.Her marriage to 60 year old Ned Nwoko as the 6th wife is facing one of the challenges of polygamous family, as Ned Nwoko’s son Emzy declares he is the rightful owner of all his father’s wealth and assets.This he revealed in an Instagram post.He shared these photos below which was a conversation with Regina and wrote: “Regina Daniels Please Be Careful With Me Am Dangerous, 💯Misleading Or No Misleading That’s Not My Business,
Using Or No Using I Don’t Care, Everyone Has Their Own Life To Live So Mine Shouldn’t Be Your Problem,I Didn’t Mention Name On My Post, So Be Careful On How You React, We Are All Grown Up,Just Know, I Gat No Issues With You And Your Family,
I Don’t Wish You Bad Or Hate You, Nor Jealous Because Of Material Things, I Have Always Loved And Admired You Even Before My Father Came Into Your Life, I Will Always Wish You Well And Support You In Any Way I Can, Your Still My Favorite.I May Be Ugly But Am Still In Love With You.😘 #TeamEMZY #NoDouBT #EMZY

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