Singer Annjay is back with Ije Love


Pretty multi-talented Nigerian songstress and beauty entrepreneur, Annjay Chioma has paid her dues in the fiercely competitive Nigerian music scene.

With a wealth of good songs to her credit, she took a break from music few years ago but has returned to her first love.

In a brief chat with Pearls News she explained why she had to pause her music-making craft, but returned with Ije Love, which is produced by PeterMac.

She said; “I was busy setting up businesses, trying to figure out what business and how to go about it. I have no sponsors accept God. I kept the spirit going and didn’t let anything stop me and thankfully God showed up for me. Nothing is easy but it’s always easy for the children of God who believe and trust in him.”

Speaking further, she recalled what it felt like when she returned to the studio.

“It feels good and it’s not many years already (Laughs). It can never feel strange because it’s part of me. I have been busy with my businesses and to rebrand the name “Annjay” into a better one. For instance we have ‘Annjayhair’, ‘Annjay Cosmetics’ and many other products under ‘Annjay’, she said.

Annjay also revealed the inspiration behind her latest music project, Ije Love, “People and what I see around me inspired the song, ‘Ije love’. It’s a love song sang in both Igbo and English language. Release date for “Ije love” is 15th of this month. Honestly I can’t wait for this my new sound to take over the industry.”

According to her, she is not resting on her oars as she is set to release more songs after ‘Ije love’.

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“Yes by the special grace of God. I have about 4 songs to release back to back and ‘Ije love’ is one of them”, she noted.

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