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Singer Peruzzi reveals why he walked out of Osogbo show

DMW singer, Peruzzi has shared his side of the story on why he walked out of a club in Osogbo on Saturday where he was supposed to perform.

In a video making the rounds on social media, he was seen walking out on guests and fans around 4:17 am in the said club where he was billed to perform after he was asked to apologize.

The DMW singer disclosed after he went live on Instagram to explain what really transpired at the club with his over 2 million followers.

According to Peruzzi, he had spent four hours on the road from a wedding in Lagos just so he could perform for his fans at the club.

But upon getting to the club, the hypeman placed his hands on his shoulders in a bid to show off to the people that they were familiar with each other and that didn’t go down well with him.

“I only went to the show because of my fans. I did a road trip for 4 hours, from a wedding in Lagos because of my fans you get me and then I got there(Osogbo) and then the hype man trying to put his hands on my shoulder just to form like he invited me to the show and I don’t like anybody touching my shoulder especially when I don’t know you nigga, and then after he placed his hands on my shoulder I shoved it off and told him not to do that again; he was pissed because obviously, people saw me do that and then the next thing he went to the DJ to tell him to stop the music that I must apologise.

“A hype man telling me what to do. Does he know the company that made me go to that club? Or does he think it was the club that paid me for the show?

“Hennessy paid me for that show and I called them straight and told them and they told me to leave that place immediately.”

Continuing, the ‘Somebody baby’ singer said: “You didn’t leave me to do what I had to do, you collected the mic telling me what to do, do you know the risk I took last night being on the road at that time. I’m chilling and I’m in Enugu I gat shows to perform here….

“Omo make una know who una dey follow play o I no dey follow anybody dey drag anything for industry o!! I only live my house for my fans….You don’t see how I move? I move different brother, you get what you give. You give respect you get respect, you don’t give respect you get whatever.

“I’ve been a soldier since I was born, I have never been scared of nobody since I was born I’m not going to be scared now,” he said

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