‘Stop criticising those that have gone under the knife’ – Mercy Aigbe


Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has stated that the way we harshly criticize adults over body enhancement is wrong and the act should be stopped.

Speaking on her Youtube channel, Mercy Aigbe revealed that she has no problem with body enhancement because those who do such are adults.

According to the actress, those who do body enhancement need to be left alone because it is their body,

“I do not have a problem with body enhancement. If you want to enhance your body, maybe because you want to feel more confident.. you want to improve your physical look, it’s fine. Nobody should be castigated for it, nobody should be killed for it, it’s your body. People need to understand that these people are adults and should be left alone to do whatever they want to do with their body”.

She went on to advise those contemplating going under the knife to ensure they get their body done properly.

“If you have to go under the knife, you better just do it well. What’s up with all these kind of orisirisi bum bum that I’m seeing everywhere in Lagos?”, she asked.

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