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Saturday, December 4, 2021

This Prostitution Thing Again (A Must Read)

Dear readers, my article ‘Sextasy (AKA Intimaci) has fully returned back on this blog…expect it every week.
Any ways, hmmmmmmm….what i saw on my way back from Ikeja axis ( Opebi, Allen)
last weekend forced me to hammer on this issue of prostitution again…continue

Prostitution is an old fact. An ancient profession. Street
prostitution, ‘high class’ prostitution or ‘escorts’ as they are commonly
referred to – the flesh trade is an everyday reality of our contemporary
society. The painful bit of this is that most of the dramatis personae of this
dishonourable profession are young women in their teens and early 20s.
To tell you how deep this scourge have eaten into the fabric
of the society, there is now a “secret” website that provides high-class call
girls, dubbed “escorts,” for different calibers of men in the society. That
would be a topic for another day.
Every day, especially weekends for prostitutes is time to
hustle harder.
To hear these “lower-class” street-corner purveyors of s3x
advertising their services, you would be amazed at how much they glorify their
‘V-region’ as if it’s some kind of new wonder. Have you heard a street
prostitute soliciting? OMG! Crappy, imbecilic, raw, rude s3x talk. If a hooker
thinks that you are a potential customer she will say all kinds of wonderful
things about her V part, making you believe hers is completely unlike any other
on planet earth. She’d promise magical experience: “Bros, come I go pull for
you”, “Oga, you can do me from behind” “I go s*** you. “I fit give you all sides
oh”. “Fine boy, which style you dey like”. “Come I go f**k you well” Once they
are in that desperado mode, they talk glibly and make their randy customers
believe that their underneath is a gold mine. “Just come and dig in”. Blatant
Around festive seasons, their desperation often becomes
uncontrollable. Based on the pressure to meet up their material needs, a
typical Ashawo is rough and ready to do many things to get more money. Haven’t
you hear of some obnoxious Christmas or New Year promos by prostitutes?  “Pay For Two, Get One Free Round” or “Free
Sex for First Five Customers of The Day,” “One Round for Half The Price.”
Nonsense bonanzas!
Aside providing temporary outlet for lust of flesh, these
women of easy virtues have become the source of ruin of most men. We have heard
it repeatedly from those who repented and confessed their sins of how they act
as messengers of doom by selling used condoms to evil people who need semen for
rituals. These dripping condoms are stored in a safe place and when they have
gathered enough, off they go to the juju men’s grotto, to exchange these seeds
for money. What becomes of the sperm-filled condoms is anybody’s guess. As
scientist would say: action begets reaction. For those men whose condoms end up
in the hands of juju men definitely, their lives will not be the same again.
Most of these hard-working men toiling day and night but find it difficult to
afford three square meals despite their commitments and hard labour might have
sold their destiny to the devil unknowingly for a five-minute romp with
I can still recall an incident that happened in Port
Harcourt two years ago. Precisely around the Christmas period.  The same guy who hinted me of this ugly
barter of sperm-filled condoms for money warned his friends to desist from patronizing
Ashawo. Just as he was done telling them about the hazards of s3x with
prostitutes, one of his friends dashed off. They thought he forgot something
important at home. Not quite five minutes later, they heard a noise in the
street, and upon getting there, they found their friend in the middle of a big
brawl at the brothel attached to the bar where they were drinking. Their friend
was shamelessly dragging a basket full of used and smelly condoms and tissue
paper with one of the prostitutes that operate there. It happened that Sunny
(not real name), was ‘serviced’ by the girl the previous night. But fear
gripped him after he heard about the possible consequence of his stupid
actions. He had approached the girl and demanded for his ‘thing’ but she just
laughed at him. However, when she saw the seriousness written all over his
face, she simply pointed at the little basked filled with different types of
used condoms. She asked him to pick his own. That is like searching for a needle
in a haystack.

Na so kasala burst. Sunny refused to let go until he
destroyed all the contents of the basket. To let peace reign, the condoms were
destroyed. While the squabble was on-going, other men were still seen entering
into rooms with other prostitutes; even though they heard of the likely grave
implication of their actions, they wouldn’t care in the least. All they were
interested in was to quickly download the lust in their loins. Bros, why can’t
you control your sexual desires today to save your tomorrow?  Let the men help us to save our ladies
jumping into this dreadful act in thousands. If only our men would tie a rope
to their little man or put a check on it, prostitution would reduce to its

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