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    Tonto Dikeh expresses her desire to become a Muslim

    Renowned Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has voiced her biggest prayer and profound admiration for the Islamic faith, capturing the attention of her fans and followers.

    The acclaimed thespian, who has been on a personal journey of exploration and spirituality, revealed that her deepest prayer is to gain a comprehensive understanding of Islam.

    As a divorced mother of one, Tonto Dikeh shared her reflections on the unwavering dedication displayed by Muslims, a trait she finds immensely inspiring and worthy of emulation. 

    In a heartfelt Instagram post, Tonto Dikeh also expressed her intention to contribute to the Muslim community. She wrote, “I wake up to the best sound every day for the past four years. It’s the sound of love and dedication, the sound of God’s beauty and love. If I wanted to donate to a Mosque what do I give aside money? God bless every Muslim, I hear your prayers. May Allah answer you.”

    Dikeh’s words resonated with many, highlighting her genuine respect and admiration for the faith. 

    She concluded her post with a touching message, “God/Allah is love. I’m deeply touched. My biggest prayer is to understand the Muslim faith. Their dedication and intentionality is worthy of emulation.”

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