Valentine’s Day disappointment: ‘I’m still heartbroken’ says actress Ebun Hodo

Ebun Hodo
Nollywood actress, Hodo Ebun is lamenting that during the past Valentine period, she didn’t get any gift from any special person because she is heartbroken and yet to get over the pains and hurtful feelings.
Ebun Hodo
“Valentine gift ke? I have never been gifted anything even on my birthday. Everything I have, I worked really hard for them all.
I wish you know where I’m coming from. I have been heartbroken and I have not gotten over it yet. But definitely soon, I would be strong again” she told Pearls News.
Continuing, Hodo Ebun, a graduate of University Of Calabar added that she has learned her lessons about relationships in a hard way and would be more careful next time when it comes to matters of the heart.
“When next I am ready to date, I would look out for a more comfortable guy, not temperamental. He must be God fearing, supportive, not abusive, and also understanding and above all, love me for who I am. His pockets must also be intact.
He should know that being disrespected turns me off in a relationship and on the other hand honesty turns me on too.”

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