Veteran actor Jerry Amilo recounts his 3 days experience in mortuary


Veteran Nollywood actor, Jerry Amilo recounted how he came back to life after a fatal accident. He was reportedly kept in the mortuary for 3 days before he resurrected.

Jerry Amilo is a native of Anambra state Nigeria, he attended the university of Nigeria Nsukka where he holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering. Jerry is an actor and Producer.

According to an interview by, when Jerry was asked why he wasn’t seen in Nollywood, he said “I was involved in an accident and was confirmed dead. After being in the hospital for two years I wanted to start acting again, but people told me to wait and allow the injuries heal.

According to Jerry Amilo, he and his lawyer was on their way to a venue for the reel awards, when one of the front tire of his car removed. His car somersaulted over and over again. Both of them were confirmed dead.

In the interview, he was also asked “you stayed in the Mortuary for three days.

He said, according to what he was told, after the incident occurred, they were taken to the police station(as dead bodies). The next day they transferred them to a mortuary as dead bodies.

How did you come back to life?

Jerry Replied “As God in heaven would have it, there wasn’t light in the mortuary for those three days. Sometimes, this skeletal power helps. I doubt I would be alive if there was light. Nevertheless, they told me the mortuary attendant who was cleaning noticed my body kept jerking occasionally. He ran away thinking I was a ghost, infact the whole hospital ran.

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It was some young doctors(Youth Corp Members) who were brave enough to see the “spirit”. They then discovered that he (Jerry Amilo) was alive. He was then taken to the hospital for treatment. He was in that hospital for two years.

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