We use tyre jack as guns to rob victims – Uber driver


Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Lagos State Police Command, have arrested an Uber driver, Andrew Valentino, 38, who used his car for ‘ Catch-in-the –air’ robbery, otherwise known as one chance, dispossessing unsuspecting passengers of their cash, phones and valuables.

He is not alone. He confessed to be operating with the trio of Tony Onwoluwe, 29; Adesoji Oluwafemi, 36 and Idoko Michael, 33, who were also arrested.

Their modus operandi involved picking passengers from designated points. While one of them would drive the car, others would stand at designated bus-stops where they would board the car with unsuspecting passengers, only to point a gun at him or her, with an order to surrender everything in his or her possession, on reaching a convenient place. Thereafter, they would push their victims out of the vehicle.

During interrogation, Valentino, disclosed that his gang operated on the Lekki-Ajah route, adding that he was introduced into robbery by Idoko.

According to him: “I met Idoko at a bar. On that day, my car broke down and I had no cash to fix it. He approached me and asked why I was still waiting after everyone had left. He promised to help me make more money after the car had been fixed.

“We met again at a different bar and he told me how to use the car for one chance operation. Immediately, I called the owner of the car to inform him of the problem. I told him I would refund the amount used to replace the car engine if he bought me another one.

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“When the car was fixed, I met Idoko and we started using it ( car) for operation on the Ajah- Lekki Rad alone. Later, Adesoji and Onwoluwe joined us.”

He disclosed that his gang never used a gun during the operation.

My role

On his part, Idoko, said, “Velentino and I usually sat behind posing as passengers, Oluwafemi would drive while Onwoluwe would sit in front, holding the tyre jack. On reaching a convenient place, the driver would order Onwoluwe to cock the gun. He (Onwoluwe) would use a hammer to hit the jack, making it sound like a gun.

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