Why celebrities should copy the life of Genevieve Nnaji – Actress Omalicha


Nollywood actress, Omalicha Elom who is celebrating a celibate life says, is one the best decision she has taken in 2019, she is also calling on fellow celebrities to emulate the life of Genieve Nnaji.

According to her status, she is proud of her achievement and ready to go over that route come 2020.

The light skinned actress had also expressed her displeasure with the continues reports that female celebrities, especially actresses and sleeping with married men to fund their luxurious lifestyles.On that note, Ms. Elom warned those who are guilty to desist from the act or face the consequences of their actions.

Whatsoever a man sow, so shall he reap and whatever goes around comes around, that is the law of karma. These actresses should continue sleeping with married men and ruining marriages, when it happens to them they shouldn’t complain,” she warned.

While commiserating with her colleague, Angela Okorie who was recently attacked by alleged hired assassins, Omalicha Elom begged others to tread to caution while clout chasing.

She said: “When I saw the video, I was so scared for her life. But then again, we should always trade with caution, instead of going around bashing and calling out people on social media because you don’t know who is who.

Also, chasing clouts won’t do you any good and I think all celebrities should emulate Genevieve Nnaji and they all will see how peaceful their life will be.”

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