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Why I can never marry any of my colleagues – Actress Omalicha Elom

Nollywood actress, Omalicha Elom in recent interview with The Sun made a shocking revelation that she can never marry or date any of her colleagues.

Though the actress was not straight with her reasons but she made her statement clear.

Ms Elom revealed that she recently migrated into comedy skits when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, adding that most of her contemporaries who claimed they contracted the virus were liars.

“No jobs and no money were coming in from acting. I just stayed home and chilled instead because I have a mini bar in my house. To keep body and soul together; I went into comedy skits and writing scripts.

When asked if she fancied a liposuction procedure, she responded aptly. “Yes, in fact, I’m doing my liposuction this month,” she stated.

Omalicha Elom reiterated that she is open to anything to make money in the business including social media skit, adding that she could stay away from sex as long as she is not in a relationship.

“Not really but when I’m called to feature in one, I won’t turn down the offer because I would get paid. Sex is not necessary especially when I’m not in a relationship. However, I’m open to marriage but I would never marry my colleague. I can’t even date them.”

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