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Why I Signed Nollywood Actress, Dayo Amusa and Biodun Okeowo – Kayamata Dealer Hottis Glam Reveals

Popular number one Ibadan Kayamata dealer, Boluwatife Adebayo popular known as Hottis Glam has give more reason why he signed Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa and endowened actress, Biodun Okeowo better kown as Omoborty as brand ambassadors.

The 24years old graduate of North America University, Coutonu who studied Nursing for some period of time before she decided to take up a career in ‘Public health’ has disclosed in an exclusive chat with Emmanuel Adewale of PEARLSNEWS her reason of signing the actresses despite the huge clap-down of the product by many Nigerians.

Hottis as she’s foundly called claimed Dayo who also doubles as a musician initially turned down the deal with the fear of receiving backlash from fans, but with due research, she finally took it up.

“My manager reached out to Dayo Amusa because I noticed that she has these feelings for ladies. She likes to support women basically. When we spoke with her to sign her up for six month as brand ambassador, she first refused thinking this is what everyone is running away from and we made it clear that this is not the”juju” Kayamata that is all over social media. This particular Kayamata with Hottis Glam is to help ladies, all I am doing is to render help to the ladies out there. The agreement went well and orders have been rolling in with good reviews. Also, the agreement with Omoborty has been good so far”.

Hottis also revealed that she started off as a makeup artist, but after a friend of hers reached out to her for help when she had vaginal infection, she decided to turn her passion into money making venture.
“Hottis Glam majorly was studio, a make-up studio to be precise.

Hottis Glam was upgraded from make- up business to kayamata business, so yes, they would still be Hottis. And on how I decided to go into Kayamata business,I initially wanted to go fully into public health but I wanted something out of the norm and while in the process of knowing what to do, a friend of mine came to me complaining about her vaginal infection.

While trying to help her, I had to go for extra study and training with a woman where I learnt so many things on herbs and roots and I got one done for her and gave it to her to apply for three days. After the second day, she called me and told me it worked well; all the smell and discharges are all gone and she’s free to live her normal daily life without any discomfort or fear of smelly vagina. So I told myself since this worked well,let me put it out to the world. Aside from this, another Friend of mine introduced me to aphrodisiac materials and I also did my studies on that. Also, while growing up, my mother used sexual enhancement products and since I grew up in the north I’m familiar with things like that. This further made me to study more on it. This is all how it started”

The 24years Oyo state born also described herself as a ‘sex therapist, other than ‘mama Lawo’ which many believe that’s what ‘Kayamata’ is all about.

Sex Therapist

“A mamalawo” wow (she laughs) please call me a sex therapist. I’m sure when you walked into this studio, you saw a lot of things pertaining to sexual life. The “mamalawo” asepct is when we talk about the particular product I got from Egypt called Cleansing soap. It is used for clearing bad luck off you to make you brand new and get that thing you’ve been aiming at. But still I’d rather go for a sex therapist than been called a “mamalawo”.”.

Hottis also revealed that she keep getting death threat from someone in the business  I may know what I know, but I can’t know what they know, so it’s verse verser, besides, we all have our various customers and my work will speak for me”.

Hottis Glam

She further claimed that her product has nothing to do with ‘juju’

“My product has nothing to do with voodoo, I am all out to help women that needs help, I believe sex should be enjoyed and not endured, so my product is purely a sexual enhancement product and nothing more”. Although I sale ‘Blue eyes bead, a cleansing soap I got from Egypt, It is used for clearing bad luck off you to make you brand new and get that thing you’ve been aiming at. I also sale

Hottis Glam remain the number one leading Kayamata dealer in the south west area of Nigeria.

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