Why I will never stop playing my character as Mr Ibu – John Okafor


Nollywood comic actor, husband and father, John Okafor with the popular character Mr Ibu, in a recent interview revealed that he has no plans to drop the character now or in the future.

However, the actor said that he would never get tired of playing the Mr Ibu character. He said,
“I will never get tired of playing my character as Mr Ibu because it is the character that brought me fame.”

On the kind of man he is at home, Okafor said,
“I play like a kid. When I am home with my kids we play a lot which is why they always miss me when I am not with them. I am not strict with them except when it is necessary.”

“I am a very romantic husband. If my wife offends me and I shout at her, she cries because of the way I have trained her. I don’t hit women and I have never hit any woman before.”

“I always help people because I got a lot of assistance from people when I was growing in the industry.”

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