Wife openly shames cheating husband


A scourged woman took extreme measures to publicly shame her husband after discovering he cheated on her.

The anonymous woman got her revenge by spray painting a message on their mattress – and it wasn’t pleasant.

In the message she explains what he’s allegedly done and says she’s told their children everything.

While some have praised her bold step, others are worried she’s gone too far.

The message, written in red paint, reads: “I changed the locks [his name]. Take the bed to [her name]’s house. “Slut. I’m divorcing you. I told the kids what you did in our bed and they don’t love daddy anymore.” But it’s not just the neighbours who saw the damning message.

She also shared a picture of the damage to a Reddit thread anonymously, titled “Let’s bring the kids to this”. But users were divided by whether she did the right thing.

Many people called out her husband’s behaviour, with one person saying: “Why don’t the kids deserve to know that someone important in their life is a bad person. I mean I wouldn’t tell them details, but if they already know what sex is, they should know that their father did something wrong.”

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