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    Actresses Claiming Sexual Harassment In Nollywood Should Tell Their Real Story- Sonia Ogiri

    Ask majority of the up and coming actresses and they would all point to constant sexual harassment from the producers as the main reason they haven’t been doing well in the industry.
    But for celebrated Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri, she has debunked such as half-truth saying that those who are giving such excuses should come out and tell the world the full story.
    According to her, she wouldn’t call it sexual harassment because no one is a child and for one to go into Nollywood, organisation or firm, you should be of age.
    ‘In the banking industry and every organisation, they have them.
    In my industry, if a director, marketer or whatever asks you out and you said no, they take a walk. For me that is not harassment. They are making their intentions known to you and it is left to you if you are sensible enough, if you like or if you want to live such a life to say yes and play along with them. Nobody in Nollywood is going to hold a gun to your head, no one is going to tell you that if you don’t sleep with them or have a relationship with them, they will kill you or you will no longer be part of Nigeria. If one doesn’t give you a job as an actress or actor, another person will give you. It is a collection of personalities and not just one person. Those people that say they are harassed sexually, they should actually tell you the real story, ‘Sonia told Leadership Newspaper.

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