African Magic Drags RMD, Olu Jacobs Back To TV With Hush

After years off
the screen, Africa Magic is set to bring back veteran actors; Olu Jacobs, and RMD
to thrill their audience.
On the 4th
of April 2016, viewers across Africa will welcome a new and exciting
telenovella to their screens as Africa Magic premieres Hush, a tale of fashion, politics and ambition which follows
different members of high society as they collide.

The story of Hush revolves around Bem and Arinola,
power-players in fashion and politics respectively. Bem, played by Richard
Mofe-Damijo, is one of Africa’s biggest designers based in Lagos State,
Nigeria, and Arinola, played by Thelma Okoduwa, is one of the state’s fastest rising
politicians. The intrigue begins when Bem proposes marriage to Arinola, an
action that sets in motion a chain of events propelled by the secrets in their
respective lives, secrets that run through the backrooms of secret societies,
the corridors of the judiciary and on social media.
The Director,
M-Net West Africa, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, said: “Hush is an exciting telenovella that explores the intriguing relationship
between two powerful individuals, and the power tussle between players in
fashion, politics, and high-society. The storyline is unique even as the acting
promises to be exciting, given the caliber of the cast and crew involved. We
are excited for our viewers and urge them to tune in to catch Hush.
Hush follows in the stead of Africa Magic’s recently concluded and highly
popular Nigerian telenovella, Hotel
and promises to keep viewers entertained with its themes of love,
power, high-society, betrayal and intrigue. The telenovella explores the precarious and delicate weaving between seemingly
disparate worlds which co-exist in Lagos, each possessing its own eco-system based
on interconnecting, seamless interaction, secret alliances and loyalty.
 “There’s a co-dependency of which not all
players are aware. Sometimes this is a healthy relationship, often times not. The
cast of Hush is stellar and the show
marks a return to television for a number of renowned actors and actresses. All
these factors make for exciting viewing and we can’t wait for our viewers from
all over Africa to tune in,” Mba-Uzoukwu added.
Hush premieres on April 4th, 2016, on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv
channel 151). The telenovella which will air weeknights
at 9pm CAT, stars Richard Mofe Damijo, Thelma Okoduwa, Olu Jacobs, Baj Adebule,
Rotimi Adelegan and Meg Otanwa,  and will
air weeknights at 9pm CAT.
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