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    Bishop(Mrs) Chioma Grace Dauji: The Amazing story of this woman of Grace

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    Unlike most female religious leaders who have knack for fashion and accessories in addition to mingling with the power brokers in the society, Bishop(Mrs) Chioma Grace Dauji is a distinct woman of God who rarely has time for frivolities. Last Sunday, she marked her 20 years on the pulpit, and it was a celebration of lifetime achievement and God’s glory in her life.
    As the founder of Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church Worldwide, Shomolu, Palmgrove, Lagos and the CEO of Great Life Changer Foundation International, Bishop Dauji has touched many lives in different dimensions. She is an influential woman of God. Her name resonates throughout her ministry and though her style is uniquely simple, it’s in no way devoid of class.

     Her sterling attributes as well as powerful voice heavily complement her efforts that rank among the top Bishops in Nigeria.
    Among the less privileged, widows, widowers and destitutes, Bishop Dauji is a household name. No wonder, they all thronged her Church at Shomolu last Sunday, to celebrate with the big Mummy. The woman of God has demonstrated in words and deeds that she doesn’t allow anything to come between her and the less privileged in the society. So, caring for these people is the only thing that gives her joy and she’s living it.
    According to her, the story of her ministry is the story of her life. Dauji recounted the story of her journey into the great ministry, revealing, however, that from her early teens, she had always been attracted to participate in the things of God. “As I grew older, I started to hearing from God directly but as a child, I didn’t take it seriously. Despite that I resisted the temptation to go into ministry. I was a successful business woman and I felt that business comes first and I could do whatever God wants on part time basis. I had three shops in various parts of Lagos and was doing well.”
    Dauji recalled that while she was a child, she used to accompany my mother to a church. “When we got to the church, I would seat outside because I was too young to join the adult service. But as the service was going on, I started prophesying outside where I was. Soon, people started to leave the church to come to where I was. My mother was shocked , confused and scared at the same time for fear of what my Dad’s reaction would be. Eventually, , the church pastor visited our house and told my father that I have a calling into a great ministry in the future. My Dad was furious and threw her out,” she recounted. Today, the prophesy has not only has come into fruition, but that Bishop Dauji ranks among the top female religious leaders who are making waves in Nigeria. Through Great Life Changer which is the name of her NGO, Dauji has touched lives of many people, especially widows who have no skills neither any business to call their own. And her dream for them is to be well-equipped, empowered to the point that they will not depend on people to feed and send their children to school.
    Fondly called “Mummy’, Bishop Dauji is a veteran teacher and amazing counsellor. She places premium on modesty, carving out a style that has become hers. You’re always likely to see her mostly dressed in skirt suit and a hat to match. When adorning traditional attire, she loves it simple and most adorable about her is the fact that she has always remained faithful to God’s work.

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