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    Dakore Akande reveals why she’s scared of celebrating her wedding anniversary on social media

    Dakore Akande, has been married for six years, although she was off the movie scenes for 2 years, but after her grand return in 2012, she has not slowed down playing roles in some of the biggest movies to grace the screens. 
    In an interview with Ovwe Medeme, Dakore Akande, the pretty mother of two talks about marriage, career, motherhood and why she never celebrates her wedding anniversary social media.
    “I don’t want to put our stuff out there. Yes I am scared. I should be scared because of the way marriages nowadays go. My mum tells me to cover my yam. Take care of my business. On his birthday, I post on Instagram but for anniversaries, we like to celebrate it in-house, with the kids. We have been married for six years but been together ten years.

    On what she does differently to make her marriage work, she said: “I try to identify the things we have in common and of course accentuate them. I work more on those things. We can’t be the same. I think it would be boring. It’s nice to complement each other but for the things that we have in common, we bond over that and we let it glue us more and more together. And for the differences, we try and talk about them. Believe me, marriage is not easy but its very fulfilling.”

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