Do you sincerely care about your health? Then all you need is Nature Hero’s ‘Race To Wellness’

Race To Wellness is a health event being organized by a team of Health & Wellness professionals within the country. It’s a call to action to all citizens of this great nation to wake up and take charge of their health and that of their family members. The first season will be held around Lagos Metropolis.

This event is presently being sponsored by Nature Hero Nig. Ltd, a company fully committed 100% to advancing healthy living through modern health technologies and orientations. (Book your seat at

Program Details

There are so many whys with regard to our health these days. We in the health industry who cares to listen are bombarded with a lot of whys and what ifs.

To say that a lot of quacks in the industry has also taken advantage of the sick, the innocent and those who cares about their health but knows no way out is an understatement.

Let us consider some eminent concerns topping the list:

The rate of Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressures, Excess Cholesterol, Prostrate Enlargement, Diabetes, Cancers of different types (even Breast Cancers among men), Renal/Organ Failures, Pains, Inflammation, Arthritis, etc are on the increase.

Why are there so much tiredness and loss of energy among our work-force, young and old alike?

You may have heard that an acidic body is a breeding ground for diseases. You may also have heard that there are very high level of acids/Chemicals lurking in the water we drink and the foods we eat on daily basis. But am certain you may not have heard that you can learn how to check your body acidity at the comfort of your home, test your household water for acidity level and boost the Alkalinity of your drinking water and your foods, thereby boosting your body’s Alkalinity to ward off diseases of all sorts.

Another health hazard is Electromagnetic Radiation (the most silent killer of our time). It’s no longer news that our cellphones, computers, telecommunication masts and other electronic gadgets within and outside our homes are killing a lot of people gradually.

There are so many health scares and hazards out there but with few, no solution or prevention available. Instead of contributing to the scare, we will rather concentrate on providing solutions.

Come second week of November 2016 (from 12th to 18th of November), there will be a week-long “Race To Wellness” Program being organized by a group of Health & Wellness professionals in Lagos metropolis.

A team of Health & Wellness professionals will take the center stage to educate and demonstrate how you and your household can achieve optimal health without needless anxiety or stress. You can actually have better health for you and your family members but first, you will have to come and learn how? 

Meet some of them:

Dr. Thomas O. Odejide

CMD, Living Hope Hospital, Ile-Ife

Mrs Rebecca Araromi

Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP),

Certified Living Food Educator, Founder, Gilgal

Wellness & Fitness Center and a Cancer Survivor.

Dr. Abdul Quadri Jamil

Natural Medicine

Mrs Franca Elem

US Certified Health Coach

Member, American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)   (Book your seat at

Who should attend?

* If you or anyone you care about have one or more of the health problems

stated above.

* If you are ever concerned or advised about your Salt intake

* If you want an increased energy level especially bankers and other

corporate individuals.

* If you use cellphones or other electronic gadgets.

* If you live near a communication mast.

* If your drinking water is from any of these sources:

Tap water, Borehole water, Well water, Bottled water, Satchel water and


* If you eat any food (including grains, fruits & vegetables) cultivated with

fertilizers, insecticide, pesticides and hormones.

* If you eat animal protein (meat or fish) grown with hormones and treated to

stay longer with preservatives.

* If you fall sick frequently.

* If your skin react to different kinds of jewelries.

* If you care to know how you can take charge of your acidic water, food and

body back to Alkaline healthy level.

* In fact, if you love life and want to enjoy it far into your old age

* If you want to be Health Empowered and you go home happier than you

have ever been, pls make out time to attend.

What will You gain?

* Discover an eye opening health hazards that has been killing people and

lurking on your food, water and environment.

* We will show you the danger inherent in the food, fruits, vegetables and

frozen foods we eat and water we drink.

* How you can take charge of your health and that of your family members

and turn it around using NATURAL REMEDIES.

* How you can test and correct your body, food and drinking water acidity

level to Alkaline level.

* How you can shield your body from absorbing Electromagnetic Radiation,

thereby protecting yourself from more than 20 known Cancer Cells/types.

* Discover an opportunity to try some new health technologies/products that

are turning the health & wellness industry around for good.

* Learn some simple practical exercises for treating backaches without


* Get a free Blood Pressure test

* Get a free body acidity test

* Get a free bottle of oxygenated water and also learn how you can

oxygenate your own household water

* Get a free sample of Sea Salt and learn how you can turn your regular

table salt (enemy to health) to health friendly Sea Salt.

And of course if you live and practice what you will learn, you will be Health Empowered, good health to you and yours.

Is there Any Cost Involved?

A minimal cost per participant of N2,000 only is required. We will advice you book your sit early since there will be limited space available.  (Book your seat at

When and Where?

Saturday, 12th November 2016

Foresters’ Hall

23, Babatunde Street, Off Ogunlana Drive


Morning Session (10am – 1pm); Afternoon Session (2pm – 5pm)

Monday, 14th November 2016

13, Mcewen Street, Off Queens St.

Sabo – Yaba

Morning Session (10am – 1pm); Afternoon Session (2pm – 5pm)

Wednesday, 16th November 2016

13, Mcewen Street, Off Queens St.

Sabo – Yaba

Morning Session (10am – 1pm); Afternoon Session (2pm – 5pm)

Friday 18th, November 2016

Nature Hero Business Hall

17B Seinde Calisto Crescent, by Adonai Filling Station

Charity – Oshodi

Morning Session (10am – 1pm); Afternoon Session (2pm – 5pm)


Phone No. 08033019362, 07031270715,