Drama In Court: ‘He Drinks, Bed Wets’ Woman Drags Hubby To Court | Hubby Says He Bed ‘Only ‘Sometimes’


No longer able to condone her hubby’s excess love for
alcohol and constant bed-wetting, a businesswoman, Juliana Okoli, on Tuesday
told a Jikoyi Customary Court in Abuja that she has given up on their marriage.
Narrating her sad experience to the members of the court, Juliana
testified that she her estranged hubby is so unrepentant of the action she
levelled against him.

“I am tired of living in the same house with him because he
always bed wets. “When he wakes up in the middle of the night and is feeling
cold because of the urine on the bed, he places my clothes on the urine to
protect himself from the cold. My husband is also a drunk; whenever he drinks,
he bed wets even many more times before morning and when I talk to him about
it, he starts beating me. He sometimes chases me and our children out of the
house in the middle of the night.’’
Continuing she recalled how she was left to cater for all the
responsibilities of the house: “my husband has left all the financial
responsibility of the family to me; he does not even know how much the children
are paying as school fees. “Even the house we are living in, I built it with my
money. “Whenever he wants to drink and has no money, he would just walk into my
shop beat me up, destroy my show glass, take my money and run away.’’
The complainant prayed the court to grant the divorce and
give her custody of her children.
Meanwhile, Mr Okoli, an electrician, denied most of the allegations,
but admitted that he only urinates sometimes.
“I don’t urinate on the bed all the time, only sometimes. I
also give my children money sometimes; just yesterday, I gave them N2, 000 for
their school fees.’’

The President of the court, Labaran Gusau, advised Okoli to
settle with his wife, and adjourned report of settlement or hearing in the case
till May 16.