Friday, March 1, 2024

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    Emem Isong Blasts Actors Over High Charges, Tells Them ‘Gerara hia’

    It has become a common knowledge that most times actors rip off movie producers by charging excessively high to feature in their productions.
    These actors who claim to fall in the category of high league, simply charge a high amount to act in a movie and go home after to enjoy while the producers who have worked very hard, spent the money, deal with distribution and end up not barely making any profits.

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    Pouring out her mind over the issue Emem Isong has maintained that she doesn’t want to associated with such kinds of people who wants to rip her off all her budget.

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    “Actors who think I should pay them half the budget for my film just because you have acted in one or two films? All I will say is Gerrara hia!!! In Ibibio, ka ke tie k’isong!, she said without mentioning names.

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