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    Exclusive: ‘No light, No flow of cash, business is not booming-‘ Ebube Nwagbo, Yul Edochie, ‎Gbenga Adeyinka, other stars talk pains & gains Of Buhari’s administration

    Precisely on May 29, 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari took over the mantle of leadership from the immediate past leader, Goodluck Jonathan. It has been one year of mixed feeling and reactions from all Nigerians.
    Our celebrities too are not left out as they share with Goldenpearlmedia their pains and gains from the new government. ‎Enjoy Below…..
    Ebube Nwagbo:

    “I don’t know about gains..i can say about the pains..As a movie producer and actress,it has affected the cost of production badly.The increase in costs of almost everything has equally affected movie production and also the people that pay money to watch these movies.”

    ‎Gbenga Adeyinka:  

    It is well. So far, it’s been a year of mixed fortunes. Some high but most times very low but I’m comforted knowing that things will get better since we are building a future that will be more rewarding. I support Buhari and I know how passionate he is about fighting the ill that plague our nation.‎

    African China:

    The country is going through so much pain hunger, no light ,no money and no good basic education. Just like my song of years back, ‘food no dey, water no dey, fuel no dey, work no dey, our government bad, how we wan take survive? In all, I pray God to see us through.


    First I believe he can’t do it alone and he needs all of us to support and make it happen. I also think the economy should be stable so the common man can afford the basic things of life. The country is generally slow now but with God there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Arinze Okonkwo: ‎

    As far as God is still on d throne, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. We may not see d wind,or d rain,but our valleys shall be filled with water . Let’s join hands and give the President our full support.

    ‎Okey Uzoeshi: 

    As an Actor, and more importantly as a Nigerian, I choose to believe that we are headed somewhere good.
    Sometimes when a good thing wants to happen, it seems like everything becomes difficult, after carrying a pregnancy for nine months, there’s no discomfort during the pregnancy period that can be worse than Labour pains and the actual birthing of the child, but a child is a thing of joy and celebration. Every businessman complains after making a huge investment, complains about being broke and all, but when the returns on investment come, the same businessman is full of joy and celebration. So I believe we are in the sowing period, and I look forward to better days ahead. So for me, I am not about complaining about how this regime has affected me, I’m just trying to focus on the bigger picture here. Which is a better Nigeria for us all, God willing
    . “

    Chigozie Atuanya:

    Nigerians are tired of excuses. I know we have to fight corruption, but obviously that seems to be the major target and other needs of the masses are neglected. Everybody is crying of same thing, Naira is depreciating, food stuffs are going higher, fuel pump rice has been tripled, foreign investors are gradually pulling off. How long will this continue? Everybody wants corruption to be eradicated, but not on the expenses of our well-being. Let the President find a solution to all these.”

    Biodun Okeowo:

    N‎o gains only pains and suffering. I cried all the time. Especially, this increment of fuel pump price. I spend over 50k in a week on fuel. No light No flow of cash, business is not booming, food stuffs are outrageously expensive, a whole lot is wrong. Which way forward?‎”


    The economy is so bad. My pain is the fuel thing is killing! No light to work on my studio. I wish President Buhari can be removed from office.‎”

    Yul Edochie:

    No gains, just p‎ains. Things are getting worse by the day. Some Nigerians are beginning to lose hope in the new government. But I strongly believe that things will get better. No money, no fuel, no tomatoes, high cost of living and even feeding. Only God can help us survive all these. “

    Omowunmi Dada:

    I won’t talk as a movie star but rather as a citizen of this country. I am extremely happy that there is a sanitization of corruption which has eaten really deep into every sector of the economy of this nation. It’s a gradual process, I mean Nigeria didn’t get this bad in a day. So I’m excited that there is a movement to a BETTER nation. Now do we have to go through some hurdles before it becomes a reality? YES! and that’s exactly what’s happening now.However, I know that at the long run we will smile and overcome.

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