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    Filmmaker, Blessing Effiom Egbe is not tired of talking about Mega Chicken rotten Moimoi

     After popular Nollywood actress and movie maker, Blessing Effiom Egbe took to her Instagram page some days ago to call out famous eatery in Nigeria, Mega Chicken for allegedly serving her rotten moimoi, lots of her fans have blasted her for patronizing fast-food joints, instead of making foods at home.

    According to the embittered mother of 3, Inspiration FM Presenters also added salt to her injury by discussing her on their show and using harsh words on her.
    She has come for all her critics via her latest Instagram post: “Why doesn’t she cook? Why does she want to spoil someone else’s business? She wants publicity! It is her fridge! Her handling! It is PHCN! She is this. She is that! These and many more were comments and conclusion made by a biased set of @inspirationfm presenters and all their callers about me earlier today.

    Now let me break it down to you lot real good! To those crying foul why I didn’t cook the moimoi myself? My answer to you is this…shut your mouth and swallow your bile because I am a home maker, a caregiver to 3kids and a working film maker. What I cook in a week, you won’t do in a month! To those blaming my fridge and handling please listen! By the grace of God, we don’t lack electricity in our home. It took 6hours from the time i bought the moi moi to the time it decayed. Out of the 6 hours, the moi moi spent 4 in the fridge! I have saved up moi moi in the same fridge for days so there! It is not the fridge! On why I posted the next day? It was my husband who found one out of the two moimoi’s to have grey substance on it! and Guess what! One out of the two I gave out also turned bad and was thrown out! So feel free to come up with more silly excuses why I posted the picture. Now, to those set of biased presenters, are you sure you haven’t lost your calling? Do you inspire people by only telling them what they want to hear? You only read out negative comments directed at me which leaves me wandering if that show was sponsored? If it was, sorry but I won’t be following the trail and if it wasn’t, then sweethearts rethink your outlook on life! I await the lawsuit on character defamation like one of you hinted. While i wait, let me just state that It is sad that most people prefer that I should have taken that poison back to mega chicken for an apology or compensation of some sort!!! What if someone else picks it up and gets food poisoning in the end? It is good for people to come online and call out the government and celebrities but it is bad for me to have called out a potentially dangerous act? Feel free to Say all you want but Pity is what I feel for cowards and I apologise that I am not dancing to your dictate.”

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