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    Hey Ladies, Don’t Say ‘Cheese’, Say ‘Money,’ See 7 Other Effortless Ways To Be Photogenic

    Guess what ladies!!!  I just discovered some tips and tricks that would make me (us) look photogenic. So now am sharing several tips on effortless ways to look photogenic, am super sure it would work for you like it worked for me so don’t ignore this, make sure you try it out and then your friend who always looks good in photographs would have a competition.
    • When we want to take a picture subconsciously or consciously we imagine the outcome, the first trick is to take more than one picture, slightly moving with each photograph you take, you never known which one would be the most fabulous of all.
    • Everybody has a good side, but photographers have said the left side of your face is the best angle if you want to take a photograph, I do know that works for me too so just try it out, you might be surprised. Also try looking at the camera when taking a selfie, works wonders too.
    • We love selfies , but many time we are the odd ones out, why is that? That’s because you are the one closest to the camera, so instead of standing so close position yourself evenly with your pals and then viola! you won’t look larger than you are.
    • You want to look taller and leaner in a full length photograph, then take a picture from the lower angle, because it stretches you visually also choose a very good location for your pictures especially the full length pictures.
    • Except its a passport photograph avoid looking squarely at the camera (it adds ten pounds as they say) turn you face towards the camera slightly that way your features would have depth.
    • If you want to smile, then it has to be a relaxed smile (pictures don’t line ), simply close your eyes, take a deep breath open your eyes before you hear the click and smile.
    • For a genuine smile instead of saying cheese say money because the word makes your eye crinkle and your mouth go up ( you need to try this out).
    Make sure you try out these tips on  effortless ways to look photogenic, it really works.

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