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    How radio stations rejected us for singing in yoruba – Reminisce shares first major setback in music journey

    In a recent interview with Zikoko, popular indigenous rapper Reminisce, also known as Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, opened up about a significant hurdle he faced in his early music career. Recounting his initial rejection in the industry, the ‘King Of Boys’ star revealed an incident involving himself and singer 9ice, highlighting the discrimination they encountered for performing predominantly in the Yoruba language.

    “Reminisce vividly recalled their visit to a radio station on the Island to submit their music CDs for airplay. However, the feedback they received was disheartening. The station rejected their CDs outright, attributing the dismissal to their use of Yoruba in their music. 

    According to Reminisce, they were told that 9ice sounded like a “Babalawo” (native doctor) due to his Yoruba lyrics, while another person criticized Reminisce’s rap style, comparing it unfavorably to Ruggedman’s.

    Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Reminisce expressed the lasting impact of this rejection, 

    Emphasizing how it remains etched in his memory. He acknowledged that this experience was equally significant for 9ice, resonating as a pivotal setback in their respective careers.

    Despite the discouragement they faced early on, both artists persevered and went on to achieve considerable success in the Nigerian music industry. Reminisce’s revelation sheds light on the challenges artists encounter due to language biases, serving as a testament to the resilience required to overcome such barriers in pursuit of their musical aspirations.

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