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    I didn’t scam Nigerians with my kidney failure -Jay Boogie speaks on BBL surgery

    Daniel Nsikan, widely known as Jay Boogie, a popular Nigerian transgender figure, has refuted allegations of scamming amidst the controversy surrounding a botched Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery.

    Earlier in November, Jay Boogie had shared concerning news about failing kidneys allegedly stemming from a problematic BBL surgery.

     However, these claims faced criticism from Doctor Loveth and influencer Tosin Silverdam.

    In an exclusive interview with blogger Egungun, Jay Boogie addressed the accusations, emphasizing that he did not deceive or defraud Nigerians as suggested. He expressed remorse and apologized to Nigerians, highlighting that the situation was not an attempt to scam but a means to seek help for his health.

    He stated,

     “Let me kneel and apologize. Nigerians, I’m sorry. I never scammed or defrauded Nigerians; it was all fake news. I can’t go around in circles. I just wanted to get well and come out and clear my name, and I’m sorry if anyone felt that way; I’m not that kind of person.”

    Jay Boogie recounted stopping a crowdfunding effort due to suspicious activities and clarified that individuals who visited him in the hospital seemingly sought photo opportunities rather than genuine support. The transgender figure expressed gratitude for the support received, acknowledging that the donations from Nigerians significantly contributed to his recovery.

    He concluded, 

    “If not for you Nigerians, I won’t be alive today. Thank you so much for the donations and may the good Lord bless you.”

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