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    Ice Prince On His Way Out Of Chocolate City, Set To Start New Record Label

    Shortly after the return of Jesse Jags, some happenings and activities in the camp of Chocolate City Record Label suggest that Ice Prince might be on his way out of the music company.
    This could be traced when Ice Prince opened a new Instagram account (@supercool_ice) which clearly confirms he’s finally getting serious with his new project ‘Super Cool Cats’ which many industry pundits believe is a ‘record label’.
    To clear up the speculations, the Oleku crooner’s manager, Tobi Sanni Daniel, CEO of State of Mind Entertainment confirmed that indeed his client is starting up a new record label but he is still going to be part of Chocolate city.
    ‘Ice prince will never leave Choc City, even in death. It’s like a daughter who gets to a certain age and gets married, of course she’ll change her name, but that doesn’t mean she’ll stop being the child of her father. It’s because for some reason, age and maturity has transcended her to where she is now’. He continues to say, ‘So for that reason Ice Prince can never leave Chocolate City even in death, but the prayer we all have for our children is that at a certain age they’ll begin to branch out and do certain things which shows that you are a man’, he told TheNet.
    He also confirmed the rumours surrounding ‘Super Cool Cats’ which he said will officially kick off in January 2016.
     ‘Ice prince is starting a movement called ‘Super Cool Cats’ and this movement will see him supporting existing and new artistes and creative people like producers, graphic designers, video directors. But let it be clear that the movement is not a record label. He’s just identifying raw talents to help grow and nurture them, it’s a project he’ll concentrate on as his own project, which means he’ll have to decentralise a little bit from certain things in affiliation with  Chocolate City because that’ll conflict with authority. But Choc City remains one family that was formed even before they came to Lagos so no one can put asunder
    However, Mr. Sanni could not confirm if Ice Prince will still retain his position as Vice President of Chocolate City music, after he kicks off his own company.

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