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    ‘I’ll never go back to my ex-hubby’- Ayo Adesanya reveals to GPM

    Ayo Adesanya is one popular name in the film industry, known for her talent in English and Yoruba speaking movies.

    The veteran actress was married to  Goriola Hassan but they parted ways years ago.

    In a brief chat with GPM, the proud mother one of talks about her heartbreak.
    When do you intend giving marriage another shot?
    Well, I don’t know. Anything can happen. But why not, indeed marriage is a beautiful thing.

    What bitter lessons did you learn from your previous marriage?
    I have learnt a lot with the experience. I learnt to take things easy. Most of the things I learnt, I’ll be applying into any new relationship that i’m going into. I will also make sure I check out for some qualities in that man, before I go into the relationship.

    What makes Ayo happy always?
    Peace! I love peace! I love whenever everything and everyone is at peace, it gives me extra joy. My family at peace, my friends at peace, i’m peace, then i’m as happy as a bird.

    So you are saying you lacked peace in your former marriage?
    (laughs). I didn’t say that oh! But I like peace a lot. When there’s no peace but troubles around me, I run.

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