(Interview) I Want To Do Songs With Brandy, Kelly Roland, Others- Budding Artiste Skripture

Fans, lovers and admirers
of young budding music artiste can now know more about him as he speaks exclusively
with Golden Pearl Media.
Can you please tell us your name and what you do?
 My name is Skripture. I’m an R&B/POP artiste…..continue

What prompted your style of music, and what inspired you
to choose that kind of music?
I am a love person. I believe in every doctrine of love
and what it preaches. I love, love and love anything that has to do with love
but also I live it. So it was a very easy decision for me.
Could you please tell us your educational background?
I attended S Peter Primary school, its somewhere at Funsho
Williams avenue, Ebute Metta high school. And currently studying mass communication
in OOU part time.
At what point did you decide to start singing and for how
long have you been singing?
I have been singing for as long as I know but not from my
mother’s womb (lol) but officially I chose to come out from my shell five years
ago and since then it’s being God’s grace all through.
Are in any recording deal
Nope, not yet.
Have you released any album yet?
Nope, but I will be releasing my first mix-tape album
called BROKEN and FIXED on the day of my Cupid concert with Skripture.
Basically comprises all the songs I have done for over five years till date.
So far, how many singles do you have now?
Majorly five singles, two videos (Sweet trouble and Ife
to dun) and working on more, my songs are all over the internet.
Have you done any collabo with any popular musician yet?
Not yet but working on something.
Who and who do you intend to do collaboration with in
Brandy, Kelly Roland, if possible Westlife, ASA, Seyi
Shay, MI, TI, Lemar, and more if possible.
When should we expect an album from you?
Really soon, like for real soon.
Do you normally do your beat yourself or you have a music
I don’t do my beats. I hear a good sound irrespective of
who the producer is and I jump on it.
What should your fans expect from the Cupid concert
coming up?
This is one thing I feel so much excitement saying because
truth is that they will see things they have never seen before in any show in
the world. It going to be really mind blowing. I rather speak less and let them
witness it by them self.
What should your fans expect from you?

Love, performance, beyond anyone’s imagination,
creativity, energy and more to make them all happy, I mean that’s the reason
for the show right? Yes right. And generally speaking they should expect very
good sounds coming from the stable of skripturebaby and good, good, good songs
and more music to make them feel it alright.