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    Lord Have Mercy! Jobless man slashes wife’s throat in Lagos (Viewers discretion advised)

    Just less than one month after Lekan Shonde reportedly killed his wife in Egbeda area of Lagos State, another man, Friday, allegedly murdered his wife at Oshodi area of Lagos State.
    According to the sister in-in-law who simply identified herself as Vero, the suspect, James Kafaru Esougie, slashed his wife, Roseline’s throat while she was asleep.

    Unlike Lekan who ran away after he reportedly committed the crime, Vero said James didn’t run away but started manifesting strange characters when they became aware of the incident.
    Vero said: “We were sleeping when my sister’s husband came out to wake the first son to go and urinate. This was about 4am.  When the boy went in to wake the mother, he saw that she was not responding.  He shook her vigorously and got no response and quickly ran to call me. When I got there, I also shook her with the aim of waking her but got no response. Touching her legs, I observed that it was very cold. I shuddered and quickly removed that cloth on her face.
    ‘It was then that I saw that the husband had used a knife to slash her neck. He cut the vein that holds the neck and the head. She was in a pool of her own blood. Goose pimples overwhelmed me and the children. They were traumatized as they saw the lifeless body of the mother drenched with blood.
    “When we were doing all these, the husband sat on the floor vomiting black things and defecating right there. Thereafter, I raised the alarm and neighbours came to apprehend him.  The police was later invited to whisk him away.”
    Asked if the couple used to quarrel before the murder, Vero said:  “They used to quarrel a lot. The husband was always beating her. We severally told her to leave the house for him but she declined, preferring to endure for the sake of her children.  It was her resolve to endure that eventually caused her, her life. She gave birth to five children for him. They are both from Auchi, in Edo State. My sister was a petty trader but the husband doesn’t have any known job. As far as I know, he is jobless. It was my sister that was responsible for providing for the needs of the family. ”
    The rest of  deceased’s  siblings were in pensive mood obviously trying to fathom the fate that befell  their sister as Vero tearfully relived the account of how the sister was gruesomely murdered in  the building that houses several shops where clothing and other house hold items are sold.

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