Thursday, May 23, 2024

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    “Make December a month of healing, not a month of billing” – Reno Omokri to men

    Reno Omokri, author and former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has given his two cent to men especially the single ones, on how to avoid December billing.

    In his words, December should be time wise single men avenge single girls who ignored WhatsApp chats for months, but suddenly reply in December.

    Read below:

    December is a time for wise single men to avenge themselves on those single girls who take months to respond to their WhatsApp messages. You sent ‘Hi’ in June, and she ignored you for months. Now, suddenly, she responds with, ‘Fine, baby. And you?’ in December. Something is up! Don’t smell love. Smell a rat! Two can play that game. Wait until January 15, 2024, then respond with, ‘just chilling. And you?’ Wisdom is profitable to make December a month of healing, not a month of billing. Have I spoken well?

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