Monday, April 15, 2024

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    Mohbad never questioned the paternity of our son when he was alive — Wunmi speaks on DNA saga

    As many continues to hope for justice for Wunmi, the wife of late singer Mohbad, she has come forward with a heartfelt note expressing her fears and concerns about her own safety.

    She lamented how false rumors and baseless accusations were used to silence him, leaving him vulnerable and isolated.

    Wunmi’s poignant words shed light on the challenges her family has faced since Mohbad’s passing, including unwarranted attacks on their character and attempts to tarnish their reputation. She addressed the sensitive issue of paternity surrounding their son, Liam, vehemently denying any doubts raised and highlighting the distress caused by baseless allegations.

    Wunmi emphasized her unwavering commitment to protecting her son, Liam, whom she affectionately refers to as their “SONSHINE,” vowing to shield him from further harm at all costs.

    As Wunmi bravely navigates the turbulent aftermath of her husband’s tragic death, her poignant message serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those left behind in the wake of senseless violence.

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