MuhammadAli’s relative selling his funeral footage for N280m? .


According to UK’s Mirror, a footage allegedly taken by a family member at Muhammad Ali‘s private funeral has been offered for sale to various US news outlets for $1 million (over N280m). So far all magazines, newspapers and broadcasters have reportedly refused to purchase the seven-minute video which allegedly shows the boxing icon ‘being lowered into the ground’.
A source who was offered a chance to buy the tape reportedly said: ‘It is disgusting that someone claiming to be member of Ali’s own family could deceive their own flesh and blood. There is so much affection for him and it is not something we would entertain no matter what the price.
‘The seller initially tried to conceal their identity but when asked how the footage was obtained we were told how they were a member of the family. It shows Ali being lowered into the ground and his family in tears. It’s disgusting. Clearly they have no respect.