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    MY CORPSE- By Ugochinyere Nwogu

     EMPTY and heavy, why then carry me like a baby?
    Why give such a celebration that has never been given to me when am alive?
    Am dead and gone,why don’t put my body to rest?
    Why pay so much on my dead?
    And those I left behind go hungry.
    You invest on something you can’t get in return,I call You “hypocrite”.
          Do think I will questions you of my death in return,,no….continue
         How much long would my pain of death stay in your heart?
    Like a well cooked open food,
    I vanish from your heart like a vapour.
    My body never questions the ground it been laid,
    Be clay or dark,home or far. 
    All that my corpse cares,where would my lifeless body stay and decay,
    And how long will my skeleton last on a rustless ground.
        Let my corpse be at peace,so you can be at peace. 
         If the son of a Creator could be wraped and toss in a tomb,
    Why then should I be well clothed in a expensive coffin.
    Tradition?a borrowed one
    They should be of a help, but rather build in your pain. 
    All in the name of “RITE”
    My corpse pity those in love with me,
    Cause they will drain you in your pain. 
       My Corpse mourn you more,than you mourn me.

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