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    ‘My prayers are with him on November 8’- Nollywood actor, Okey drums support for Donald Trump

    As the world gears up for the long awaited United State’s Presidential elections tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, which has two major candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, some African celebrities are divided on who to support and not.

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    For Nollywood actor and Genevieve Nnaji’s ex-boyfriend, Okechukwu Joseph, he strongly believes that Trump is the best candidate to support because he has ‘successfully murdered political correctness and its revolutionary effects are now beginning to reverberate all over.’

    The letter written by the movie star cum producer reads this: ” I was at my home in beautiful Burbank, California in 2008 when I saw Barack Obama on TV declare for the Presidency of the United States. I’ll never forget that day. While I watched the news on CNN, my apartment began to quake violently and my TV almost fell off. I was screaming “Blood of Jesus” repeatedly, trapped in that enclosure. It was, I think a 5.7magnitude earthquake- my first and last experience.

    Each time I remember that earthquake experience, I remember the Obama announcement and how I dreaded his candidacy. Virtually everyone I knew told me that I was sick in the head for not supporting Obama. I remember when I was guest at Voice of America (VOA)’s “Straight Talk Africa”TV program in Washington, DC, I openly declared on Live TV to a global audience that Barack being black is only a cover to perpetuate more suffering on the Black race. It has now taken nearly eight years for his ignorant black cheerleaders to see the truth. I sometimes see myself as a “political Nostrademus”, despite being an entertainer.

    When the current US election campaign kicked off, I wasn’t concerned at all. In fact I didn’t even know when both candidates declared their intentions to run. I could care less. In the back of my mind, I knew the United States has been a one-party state. For the few privileged ones who know, the same set of individuals control both the Democratic and the Republican parties. The two parties have always been there to give people a false sense of CHOICE and PARTISANSHIP. So I decided not to bother myself, because after all, they’ll still have whomever they’ve pre-ordained in the White House. As I once learned from research, American presidents are SELECTED not ELECTED. I’m sure this is not compatible with what the media sells to the public.

    So 4 months ago, I started listening closely to Donald J. Trump. First I thought, “Okay, maybe the Establishment now feel the people have known their one-party state secret and decided to throw this guy in so they can make the people feel good about voting against the establishment”. There was so much skepticism, and trust me, more than half of Trump’s first time voters and supporters today must have gone through the same emotions. Suddenly, it just dawned on me that, for the first time in decades, the United States of America now has a true and real OUTSIDER as a presidential candidate. That was so much sweet music to my ears. The more I listened to him, the more excited I became. And in no time, I completely lost my mind for TRUMP. CNN and the mainstream media made it easier for me and so many others to identify Trump for who he truly is- the OUTSIDER. You know how they did it? Whenever you see the mainstream media rooting for a particular candidate and ditching the other, it’s more than likely that the candidate they’re ditching is the actual change, not the other way round. But in Trump’s case, they actually took it to a whole new level, throwing away every journalistic ethic and candor that we’ve all grown to know, with so much impunity. Never seen anything like it in my entire life. In fact, in one of my posts on Facebook, I captioned it “CNNHAS MURDERED JOURNALISM”. But it hasn’t been only CNN. It’s been all of them- the mainstream media. Just to bring this man- trump, down! They turned him into an underdog, spontaneously rallying patriots and regulars around him, as is always the case with underdog stories. That’s how I found my voice.

    It’s been 3 whole months since I’ve campaigned for Trump. I have called friends and families in the US, spending hours on the phone trying to convince scared-to-death Nigerians who fear deportation upon a Trump victory that their fears are grossly misplaced. I have had chat sessions on Facebook trying to convince many of my friends in the US on the need to vote Trump. For 3 months I have dedicated my Facebook page in its entirety to Trump. I decided that nothing else but Trump-supporting themes will be posted on my page until the Election Day and it has remained so. I post round the clock for Trump. Check my posts for Trump and you’ll see different time slices. I haven’t been sleeping, because I know the implications of this election and its far-reaching global impact. It’s an election like no other and the sad thing is, many are not aware of it.

    As a celebrity, I have so many fans who follow me on Facebook. Many of them support Hillary. To see me standing for Trump who most of them think is an arrogant hater of black people, was a bit too much for them to stomach. Some immediately “unfriended” me and others called me names and said very unprintable stuff to me.

    I remember blocking about three or four people who resorted to ferocious personal attacks and name-calling. I usually don’t care when people say crazy and sometimes a little offensive stuff on my page, because they have the right to air their opinion. Yes it’s my page but then I’m “Mr. Public” so, they should use my page like they use every other public forum. That’s why I have never responded to any post on my page. My surrogates do. But when people overdo things like saying Trump and I will take a ride to hell on the back of a beast; Or that I am stupid and silly, etc. I just do the needful. I think that people should be able to air their opinion without necessarily descending so low. I mean there’s virtually nothing in the books that people haven’t said to me. Some of those are still there on my Facebook page till today. But it never bothered me.

    The funny thing is that recently, so many of those people who attacked me for supporting Trump are now apologizing in record numbers! I mean so many of them! They say they will not only vote for him, but convince more people to vote him. Talk about “Trumpocratic Soul-Winning”. My message is finally hitting home.

    I have always said it, and will say it again, “as goes America, so goes the world; so goes Africa; so goes Nigeria”. I strongly believe from everything that I have come to learn about international politics and geo-political dynamics that a Donald Trump presidency, contrary to what the Hoaxing Media will have you believe, will actually do us Africans, especially Nigerians a world of good. Can’t break it all down here but remember that a Clinton win is nothing but another 4 years or more of Obama. The question then is, has Obama presidency been of such great benefit to us? That’s an emphatic No! You may not like Donald’s arrogance; you may not like what he has said. But someone has actually done far worst and more than Donald had said. So I ask: is it better to vote against WORDS rather than DEEDS?

    Every time I ask people why they hate Trump and won’t vote for him all I get is, “did you hear what they said he said? He is too arrogant!” But then I ask, the person you prefer over Trump has actually done stuff… so much they can’t fit into just one book! But no, it’s better to hate on the one who said stuff! Really? I don’t get it. The man is not a politician. Political correctness is not his thing. He feels better being himself and the Establishment doesn’t like that. So they try to make the weak amongst us hate what they hate through the mainstream media. But thankfully, Trump has successfully murdered political correctness and its revolutionary effects are now beginning to reverberate all over. World politics will never be the same again and the rest of us are going to be the best for it. Thanks to Donald J. Trump. My prayers are with him on November 8, 2016. And I believe he will pull off a landslide. “

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