RMD Reveals Those Planning His Downfall (Photos)

Iconic, Nollywood veteran, Richard Mofe Damijo is a bit
worried that some fraudsters are at the verge of tarnishing his hard-earned
name and image.
The former commissioner in Delta State shared a screen grab of
multiple fake accounts on Facebook bearing his names and even his photos.
He warned all those who are friends with any of them to
unfriend and report to the appropriate quarters.

He wrote: “I am aware that a lot of fraudsters have
Facebook accounts set up with my name and image(s) and pretend to be me. I have
on several occasions publicly stated that I Am Not On Facebook! I had an
account I stopped operating in 2010. Please unfriend these fraudsters and help
me bring down these fake profiles and accounts.
I only have a Twitter account @rmofedamijo and this IG
account. The @rmdtheactor accounts on Twitter and IG are run by my Management
and they are NOT on Facebook. Kindly tell everyone I said so. RMD Says So. RMD Is
NOT on Facebook. Report The Fraudsters.’’

The likes of Chigozie Atuanya, Yul Edochie, Mike Godson and
lots more are also victims of such impostors on Facebook.