See what vegetable oil did to this young girl | Please help!! (Graphic photos)


The young girl identified as Glory Jayeola sustained grievous burns after she fell into boiling vegetable oil on September 14th. 

She is currently admitted to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) The incident was confirmed by Aisha Alubankudi. 
“Pls help this girl. Also i plead to those in charge of Mayowa’s funds to step in. Help the needy from the money raised for Mayowa. I have investigated this with Bukky Grace Olaniyan.
A cry for help!
The little girl in the picture below had a seizure and fell inside a boiling pot of vegetable oil last week 14/09/16. She is in so much agony at Luth General Hospital in Nigeria. Please help her, no amount is too small. Her name is Glory Jayeola, pls go and see her at Luth and donate directly to her. Thank you”