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    The Reason Behind My Return To Nigeria-Ashley Stephanie

    While the current video of popular singer, Ashley Stephanie, ‘Molo Molo’ is still making waves in Nigeria and other parts of the world, the Cameroonian singer who has an in-depth love for Nigeria has finally returned home to have a close link with her fans.
    In a chat with GPM, the sexy, international singer, and electrified entertainer shared the reason for her decisions to settle for Nigeria to promote her music career….continue

    “Africans in the Diaspora need to come back to their root. We have put a lot in the international music world, we need to bring some of those goodies back home that why I am here. I have been in Calabar carnival for four consecutive years, sharing same stage with some top African music stars, like Psquare, Awilo and co.
    Americans are looking up to Africans because we have good music and fierce dance moves but there is something lacking in the African music. The males in the industry are dominating, I think it’s about time; female singers came out of their shells and fight for a position too. We have so much love and respect for our male colleagues, but we also need a better share of the attention.
    Nigeria should expect more of me because I am here to stay. I have devoted 70 percent of myself and time to Nigeria while 30 percent goes to the rest of world,’’ she said.

    The French international stage goddess fluently speaks five International languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and English.

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