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    Who Broke Destiny Amaka’s Heart?

    Cool FM presenter cum Nollywood actress seems to be having a tough time in her relationship. The curvy, beautiful diva that is well known for her revealing outfits at events isn’t happy at the moment and has confessed that she is really having a gloomy day.
    The Night Lounge Presenter is presently on vacation in Amsterdam City Centre and she took to Instagram to share her pains.
    “Gloomy day but hay! I’m alive and wellI just want to share this with you all. A lot of the time we get frustrated, find difficulties in situations or in others is because of the pictures we have in our head of how it’s supposed to be. A lot of things didn’t turn out the way I hoped or planned and neither do some people stay in my life, but looking back now I realise I would have had a better time enjoying the moment & in some cases walking away sooner.”
    Further consoling herself and ready to brace up and face the difficult times, she added that , “ If it doesn’t rise up to your expectation either bring your expectations down n accept and enjoy the moment or walk away and accept and enjoy the moment Life is beautiful. There is a big world out there waiting to be seen “
    Destiny had in an interview with GPM hinted that since she came back to Nigeria from UK she had tried to date twice and it didn’t work out. 
    “ From my own calculation, 98 percent of Lagos men are married, one percent is still very young and hustling guys, and the other one percent is young, rich and arrogant guys.  But if the right person comes, I would give him a chance, as much as I want to face my work. Life is beautiful, I need to enjoy it.” She said.

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