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    Why singer Ruger left his former record label, Jonzing world

    Budding Nigerian singer, Ruger has announced on X app the end of contract with former label, Jonzing World Record.

    Though he expressed gratitude to his former label, Jonzing World, for announcing him to the world.

    In the first part of his story, Ruger said;

    “As much as I’m very appreciative of the fact that Jonzing world introduced me to the world, I just couldn’t continue with them because they got too comfortable with the money they were making from me and couldn’t push me further as I wanted to be pushed. Was supposed to renegotiate the contract but I couldn’t imagine 5 years more without action”

    Ruger went on to narrate how the record label used the money he made to fund another artist, while leaving him in the dark.

    “Dey use my money Dey fund new artist, leaving me in the dark, not being transparent. I just laugh @@howe be noW”

    He also said he complained about it but still went back to them, while he received fake affection from them.

    “I complained, I got angry, some people tell me say no be so dem Dey do things, I still go back HQ go collect fake hugs and handshakes. Nothing still change. I wan mad”

    While speaking on his growth since leaving Jonzing World Record label, Ruger wrote;

    “Anyways, I’m proud of myself. Performing at very big festivals this year, touring Europe again, touring Canada again, IDC I’m gonna be cocky coz this is shit they couldn’t do for me. BS!!!”

    In his final post about his rift with his former record label, Ruger said that he was holding back on saying May things because he feared for his safety.

    “Many things to to talk but dem fit go wait for me for ikoyi link bridge stab me wotowoto”

    Recall that a few months back, Kemi Filani reported that Ruger had left his record label due to unresolved issues, but he didn’t directly state what the issue was.

    Instead, he gave accolades to blogger Tunde Ednut for bringing him into the limelight, before he was discovered by his former record label.

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