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    Yeni Kuti finally picks wedding date….

    Yeni Kuti, first daughter of late enigmatic Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti clocked 55 a couple of days back. She also got a ring from her architect lover, as a sign of commitment to each other. In this interview with Encomium, she talks about her marital plans and more.

    Has anything changed about you at 55?
    I don’t eat as much as I would like to eat. I am afraid of getting fat. To me, I am fat. I don’t want to add more weight. It is only the eating aspect. I love food but I try to avoid it. I still eat all the things I like at the risk of getting extra fat. I ate rice and beans today. I will take fruits if I am hungry. I am trying to maintain a certain weight. I will really have to watch my diet if I want to get my desired weight. I must make sure I exercise and dance. You know that metabolic rate slows down with age, that is where I am now.
    What are you most grateful for at 55?
    I am grateful for good health. I am grateful that my daughter is married and settled. She is also happy. I am happy for my partner. I am happy for my siblings.
    What more do you want from God?
    I am a very grateful child of God. I don’t complain. We all wish for good things. We wish to go on holiday to Jamaica or Hawaii. If it comes, good. If it doesn’t, good. I would wish for some other things but God has done a lot for me, I cannot complain.
    I can only continue to pray for good health. Everybody wants something more, but one shouldn’t make it a criteria for happiness. I am always grateful.
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    Why did you wait this long before falling in love?
    I didn’t wait this long to fall in love. We have been together for a while.
    Like how many years now?
    Nine years now.
    How does it feel to be in love?
    It is a good feeling.
    What attracted him to you?
    He is a very nice person. He cares about people. He is a fine man and has a sense of humour…continue

    Are you looking at settling down with him anytime soon?
    We have fixed our wedding date.
    When, ma?
    20 years from now. If we are still alive, we will send the IV out. Saturday, May 24, 2036, if we are alive. I am serious. We discussed it yesterday. I will send you the invitation.
    Is it possible for you to tell us how you met?
    I have known him for a long time even before we started dating.
    How did your daughter take the news when you told her you were in love?
    She was very happy for me. She didn’t ask to know further because she knows my thoughts about marriage. My own is not about marriage but about happiness. Some people are married but are not happy today and within a year, they are already divorced. So, what is the point. Happiness is more important than marriage.   .
    Can you tell us a bit about him?
    He is hard working. He is an architect.

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