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    Actress Cha Cha Eke recounts how she inherited mental illness from her mum

    Nollywood Actress Chacha Eke has recounted all the pains she went through that might be the reason she’s struggling with mental health issues.

    According to her, the pains she suffered and the baby she lost 18 years ago is the reason for her craziness.

    In her words;

    Most of us ladies are broken on the inside that’s how the crazy got in and got stuck.

    I got my periods and it came with some pains, even the D and C’s came with some pains. Nine Pregnancy nine more of pains, cut my v-spot. It hurt so bad and I still bleed.

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    That baby died I still feel pains. I’m sorry we lost her, 18 years gone but I’ll never forget.

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    Many years gone the doctors sliced my belly and brought out four little humans.

    All of a sudden I’m people’s mummy. How did I do that with mental illness, why is my mood swinging up and down? Why is anger, depression, isolation, denial in every situation.

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    I realized I got it from my mum. She was a crazy woman, she told me how her mama too was crazy and treated people like crazy

    Right now here I am being a crazy little miss but it doesn’t matter, we are all crazy whether we deny it or admit it. Shout out to everyone who’s just like me.

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