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    Bobrisky Female Award: “If you don’t apologize within 24 hours….” Businesswoman tells Femi Adebayo

    A Nigerian businesswoman, Oba Elizabeth, has slammed Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo, for announcing Bobrisky as the best dressed female at an event held in Lagos last weekend.

    In a video that has gone viral, the businesswoman said the actor should be ashamed of himself for “disrespecting@ women present at the event by announcing Bobrisky as the best dressed female.

    Speaking in Yoruba, the woman said

    ‘’Femi Adebayo, I am ashamed of you. You that is an SSA in government, you carried microphone and announced a transgender as best dressed amongst women. Is it fame that made you do this? Which judge took such a decision? You guys should then pass it into law for same sex relationships to occur in Nigeria. What sort of nonsense is this?

    You Femi Adebayo, you have a mother, a wife, siblings, married a woman, have female children and then you rubbished women like that.

    If you don’t come out within 24 hours to apologize to women…family members of Femi Adebayo, speak to him…if he doesn’t come out tender a serious apology to women….I am seriously angry with you.

    You and that guy, are you sleeping with yourselves? Does Bobrisky look like a woman to you?’

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