Women do not need men for anything except pregnancy — Newly wedded Maraji says


Newly wedded Instagram comedian, Gloria Oloruntobi popularly known as Maraji has said that if women could Impregnate themselves, men are not useful for anything.

The new bride who is expecting her first child said this in a video posted on her Insta Stories.

She narrated how she was planning to prepare Okro soup but decided to make a video first.

When she got to the kitchen, she realized her husband had not put the cowskin (ponmo) he bought in the fridge. When she asked him about it, he said he had no idea ponmo could be refrigerated.

Maraji stated that this goes to prove what her mother often said about men.

“Like my mummy will say, e no get wetin dem dey use man do (men are not useful for anything).”


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